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Our clothes and personal gear was packed in panniers and a bag on my bike. Kristen pulled a B.O.B. trailer containing our shared gear; tent, cooking gear etc. In addition to this we each had a handle bar bag with maps, repair tools, grenola bars etc.




Clothes                         Personal gear                      Shared gear                    
Bike gloves

Bike** / helmet

2 bike shorts Bike computer


1 pair of trousers Passport MSR burner / fuel
2 pair of shorts Plane tickets Pots and pans
3 T-shirts  Credit card Camera
3 pairs of boxers Maps Lighter
5 pairs of socks Sleeping bag/mat Dish washing gear
1 sweater Pillow Water jug (fold-a-jug)
2 undershirts  First aid kit Insect repellent
Rain jacket Toiletry bag Rope
Shell jacket Aspirin Washing powder
Trunks Compeed blister band aid Bottle opener
Toque Sun lotion Cell phone
Bike shoes Plate
Flip flops  Mug
Cutlery * The food listed here is what we carried all the way through the country, but other foods became part of our standard provision for shorter or longer periods of time. 
Food*                      Tea towel
Rice Towel
Fruit Mp3 CDs
Ice tea powder Mp3 player
Bag of spices and salt/pepper Head lamp ** Details on my bike, Cannondale Touring T800, can be found by clicking here

Peanut butter SaphireLight mini torch 
Sidekicks (freeze dried potatoes) CamelBak water bag
Needle and thread
Tools and spare parts        Journal
Multitool (Victorinox) Compass
2 tubes for each bike and trailer Danish flag
Spokes Insurance papers
Chain oil Student card/list of family/friends
Allen wrench Web baking key
Patch kit Frisbee
Duct tape Books

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